Monday, July 9, 2012

Night Time Fussiness = Cluster Feedings?

Cluster feedings is when your baby wants to eat a lot in a short period of time.  I had never heard of this before.  I downloaded the Similac app for my phone and there was something written about babies who want to cluster feed may be fussy at night because they want to eat more before they go to sleep for a longer period of time.

So after reading that, I decided to give it a try.  Last night my son ate for 30 minutes with 30 minutes in between starting a 6 pm lasting until he went to sleep at 9:45 pm.  He slept for 4.5 hours and so did mommy!  And there was no crying or fussing for extended periods of time.  Talk about a stress relief for him!

I know it seems crazy to feed your baby that many times in such a short period of time.  At least, I thought it was, but it actually worked. He was not fussy last night and slept longer than he ever had at once.  

I will continue to feed him like this, basically on demand.  It is more difficult but after not sleeping much in the last 3.5 weeks, I'm willing do anything that helps.  

I will post an update on his eating, fussiness, and if his long periods of sleep continue. 

Did your baby have a need to cluster feed?


Thursday, July 5, 2012

Starting To Exercise After Baby

I have been anxiously waiting to start to exercise and get my pre-baby body back ever since delivery.  I was previously under the impression that I couldn't even begin to exercise until I was 6 weeks post delivery, but apparently things have changed in the almost 4 years since my son was born.

Now it is said to be okay to begin to exercise almost immediately after the birth of your baby as long as you had an uncomplicated pregnancy and vaginal delivery.  I was thrilled to be told this.  My son turned 3 weeks old yesterday and I am ready to start my post baby workout routine.  I did wait until now because I still felt like my body was healing and wanted to listen to my body first.

I will be starting slowly and not jumping into any aggressive workouts.  I am starting with yoga and doing some squats and lunges and using light free weights.  I was told that vigorous exercise can cause a build up of lactic acid in your breast milk which makes your breast milk taste a bit sour.  However, that doesn't happen after a few months and your body only makes the milk a feeding times.  Since I am breastfeeding, I want to avoid my milk tasting sour.  =)

Any other mommas getting their workout on after baby?  What did you start with and where are you at on your progress?


Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th of July!! MAC Brave Red Lipstick

4th of July is one of my favorite holidays!  It's a great summer holiday to enjoy your family, friends, and great food and drinks!  Since I just had a baby, we decided to spend the day at home, cook out, and relax.

Today, I am appropriately wearing MAC's Brave Red Lipstick.  This is one of my must have red lipsticks.  It is a slightly muted red with a cremesheen finish.  

On a personal note, this picture was taken on July 4, 2009.  My husband had just returned from his deployment.  Here he is, getting his first snuggle from our son who had grown 7 months since he had last held him.  As my husband is scheduled to deploy again and our second son is 3 weeks old today, I am sure to have another photo like this around Memorial Day 2013.

I would just like to take the time to thank all the men and women who have dedicated a day, a year, their career, or their life to keeping us save in the land of the free.  

How are you celebrating today?  

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday.  Please be responsible and stay safe! 

Stay Beautiful!!


Monday, July 2, 2012

First Day At Home Alone

Today was my first day at home alone with my boys.  It was the never ending day.  I give so much credit to moms of twins, multiples, and moms of many.  My 3 1/2 year old was up by 6:15 and while that is pretty normal for him, my 3 week old is now sleeping longer at  night and woke up at 4:30 to eat.  He nurses for an hour now, so by the time I was going back to sleep my other munchkin was waking me up.

My husband is scheduled to deploy in August, so I really needed to jump back into things today.  I managed to get the dishwasher loaded and ran (didn't unload it thought), do two loads of laundry, bake cookies with my 3 year old, and then cleaned the kitchen and mopped the floor.  I'm feeling pretty accomplished today.

We all took a nap from 9 until 12 and that was honestly the best part of my day.  I am anxiously waiting for Wednesday, when my husband is off again, and the weekend can't come soon enough.  I know I have to get used to this fast because he will be gone and I will be on my own again before I know it. My husband did deploy when our first son was only a few weeks old, but having one is so much different.  Obviously it's way easier!

With day 1 down, I am already anticipating the craziness tomorrow will bring. But it really is all worth it when I look into the big beautiful eyes of both of my babies.

If anyone has any tips for a new mother of 2, I'm all ears  and I would greatly appreciate it!