Tuesday, April 30, 2013

My Weekend In Review

Happy Tuesday everyone! I hope that you're all having a fantastic week! This was a post that I wanted to start posting on Sundays but didn't and figured today was as good a day as any.  I thought it would be super fun for me to show you guys a little bit of my weekend.  I wish I had taken more pictures but I will get better.  

Friday we went to the zoo and had a blast with the boys on Dax's class field trip.

This poor Giraffe was being pecked at!

This weekend Dax had soccer and we spent the rest of weekend at my moms.  Dax had so much fun helping build flower beds and planting tomatoes.  He was so proud of this baby flower pots.

My littlest man was off his schedule and not very friendly.  This picture was pretty much his attitude all weekend.  LOL

And sometimes it's just about making funny faces and being silly! 

We are all looking forward to the awesomeness of this week and the coming weekend! 

I hope you guys all had a great weekend!

Thanks for reading!


Monday, April 29, 2013

Pregnancy: Week 18 Symptoms and Super Strange Cravings

Hey everyone! It's week 18 of my pregnancy already!  I'm offically really pregnant! I am starting to notice more changes with my body and I'm really feeling pregnant these days.

This week was pretty uneventful so I don't have much to talk about when it comes to my weekly activities.  The week flew by, as they all have been lately, and it was over before I realized it.  I had actually lost track of the days and didn't even realize I was 19 weeks until one of my pregnancy apps told me.  

My heart burn has been getting bad this week.  I'm starting to think my baby grew a full head of hair this week, due to the old wives tale that heart burn is caused by a baby with hair.  Zantac 150 and  Tums Smoothies have become my new best friends this week.  They both seem to be helping but the Zantac is all that will work for me at night.  The heartburn gets 10 times worse when I lay down.  At this point, I have stopped eating or drinking anything 2 hours before I lay down for bed.  I do still drink water throughout the night but thankfully the water isn't giving me heartburn, at least not yet.  

As for my symptoms, I'm having some strange ones.  My right foot will get a hot sensation from time to time and it goes up my calf.  This has happened to me in my other pregnancies as well.  It made me worry when I first experienced it during my first pregnancy but I'm used to it now.  It just feels like I've stepped into a hot bucket of water.  It's not painful, just warm.  My back is still aching and the pain has continued to move down my left leg.  I've felt it this week as far down as just above the back of my left knee.  I'm still currently using my heating pain and taking tylenol to help ease the back pain.

I have continued to be out of breath this week.  It's not something that happens all the time, but typically when I'm talking and doing something else at the same time I seem to get out of breath fast.  My nose has been super itchy and driving me crazy this week.  And my strangest symptom of the week is LOVING the smell of Home Depot and Lowes.  My mother craved the smell of leather when she was pregnant with my brother.  When I was pregnant with Dax, I craved the smell of the cardboard FedEx envelopes.  So this was not a surprise to me, as I quite enjoyed this smell during my last pregnancy as well.  But, it doesn't take away from how weird it is.  

My symptoms this week:

hot foot right side
heart burn taking zantac and tums smoothies
back ache
I really like the smell of home depot and lowes.  LOL
itchy nose
out of breath


orange juice

Weight: 125
Total weight gain: 3 pounds

Check out my 18 week pregnancy vlog:

Thank you guys so much for reading and checking in with my pregnancy this week.


Thursday, April 25, 2013

Happy Thursday!

Happy Thursday everyone! 

Today is a house cleaning and laundry day for me.  So naturally, I would have to burn a yummy smelling candle to have my house smelling fresh as I'm cleaning.  

Today I'm burning the Pineapple Mango candle from Bath and Body works.  This candle smells amazing! Almost immediately after I lit the candle, I could begin to smell the pineapple and mango scent fill my house.  I hope they still have these because I'm going to have to pick up a few more.  

Bath and Body works description: "Tantalizing tropical pineapple is the perfect partner for luscious mango in a fragrance rounded out by a hint of warm vanilla."

This candle has me wishing I was on an island somewhere having a tropical drink! Some candles don't smell true to their name or scents or don't really add fragrance to your entire house.   This one does and I'm currently obsessed with it!

I hope you are all having a wonderful Thursday! 

Thanks for reading!


Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Cake Lingerie Review and GIVEAWAY!

I was recently lucky enough to be introduced to Cake Lingerie.  When I found out that I was going to have the opportunity to review a bra from their line, I was thrilled. 

When I opened my box, I saw my bra and panty set had been wrapped in the most adorable packaging.     How perfect is the cake box!!

Most of the maternity or nursing bras that I have had in the past were obviously for nursing, unflattering, and were not very sexy.  I think it's super important for women to continue to feel sexy during their pregnancy and postpartum period.  Cake Lingerie hit the nail on the head with creating amazing quality bras that are both sexy and practical.  

The bra I received was the Dark Toffee Bra and matching panty (pictured below).  From the second I put this bra on, I felt glamorous! This bra is so comfortable to wear and is designed to be both a maternity bra and or nursing bra.  It has easy to use clasps that I easily unclasped with one hand.  This bra has 6 adjustable 3 eye hooks, which gives you many adjustment options while you're growing during pregnancy or loosing weight while nursing.  

The Dark Toffee bra is a smooth black satin with a beautiful pink floral lining.  It was designed with a women's pregnancy needs in mind.  We desire support, comfort, and function while also still being beautiful.  

Cake Lingerie has a wide selection of styles that fit a wide range of sizes.   They have something for everyone.  I highly recommend trying out the Dark Toffee Bra.  I have found, that in motherhood, a little bit of luxury goes along way. 

Cake Lingerie is available for purchase on their website and at Nordstrom.  

Now for the giveaway!

Cake Lingerie has generously offered one of you the opportunity to win this awesome bra for yourself. 
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Click to watch my video review.

Thank you guys so much for entering!! Remember you can come back and enter every day if you are a youtube subscriber!


*This these items were sent to me for review.  All opinions are 100% my own.  My loyalty is to my reader.  

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Yankee Candle Honey Blossom Tart

I ordered this Yankee Candle Honey Blossom tart online without having smelled it before and was honestly draw to the lavender color and pretty picture on the packaging.  

If you like Thierry Mugler Angel perfume than you will LOVE this scent.  As soon as the tart started to melt it immediately brought me back to the days when I wore Angel exclusively.  I no longer wear Angel, so this was a nice treat to have my home smelling as if I had sprayed some.  

 Yankee Candle's Description of Honey Blossom:  "The beautiful blend of flower nectar, honey musk, freesia and woods makes this both full and delicate." 

I agree with their description, it is very light and floral and has a beautiful long lasting scent.  It lasted in my house for about 14 hours.  I tend to put tarts in a 7 am and when I went to bed at 9 pm I could still smell the sweet Honey Blossom.   I think it's a great Spring scent and I would purchase it again.  

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Monday, April 22, 2013

Pregnancy Week 17: Symptoms, Cravings, Bump Shot

Hey everyone!! We are here in week 17!! I am now a total believer that each pregnancy goes by faster and faster.  I can't believe it's only 2 more weeks until our anatomy scan which could reveal the gender!   And just 3 more weeks until I'm half way done with my pregnancy.  

This week the baby started to kick! He/She is kicking so much! I feel them mostly at night when I'm laying down and relaxing.  The kicks aren't strong enough yet to be felt from the outside so I'm able to enjoy this little miracle all by myself right now.  Even with having felt this feeling before, it doesn't take away from how truly amazing it is.  Feeling the baby kicking is my most favorite part of pregnancy.  =) And I'm so glad it's finally started!

My boobs have been very sore this week and have grown a full cup size in the last 2 weeks.  My nipples have been super sore and have felt like what I have experienced early on in my other pregnancies.  

My back pain this week has gotten worse.  I have been spending a lot of time on the heating pad, taking warm baths,  and taking tylenol.  That has been helping but some days are worse than others.  

This picture was taking the morning of the day I was officially 17 weeks.  I'm trying to get better about posting pictures here because I am always a week ahead when I film my weekly pregnancy vlogs.    The lighting is funny here, but no, there those are not stretch marks just poor lighting.

Lower back pain
Sciatic nerve pain
Very sore boobs
Sore nipple

Orange Juice
Fruit: Rasberries, Watermelon, Blackberries, Blueberries


Total weight gain:
2 pounds 

Check out my video for the week!

Thank you so much for checking in on my week!!


Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Vote On My Little Nugget's Gender!!!

Hey everyone! I thought it would be fun for you all to vote on what you think the baby's gender is going to be.  My anatomy ultrasound is on April 30!! The closer the day comes, the more I want to know!! 

Vote Boy or Girl
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Monday, April 15, 2013

Pregnancy Week 16: My Week, Cravings, and Symptoms

Hey everyone! It's time to recap week 16 of my 3rd pregnancy.  =) Still having a hard time believing that I'm almost half way through.

This week I had my 16 week doctor appointment.  It was so nice to hear my little gummy bear's heart beat again, which was 140.  I was told at this weeks appointment that I was moved to a medium risk level due to my group b strep not clearing up.  Basically, they said that Group B Strep can cause your membranes to rupture early, thus causing preterm labor.  I am currently on a round of antibiotics to hopefully lower the levels enough to move me back to a low risk or normal pregnancy.

My due date was moved from September 20 back to the original due date of September 18.  The doctor said the date should never have been changed from the original because it didn't differ by 8%.  The baby will come when he/she is ready so it really didn't make a difference to me which date they used.

I also had the 16 week quad screening this week. They took one vile of blood and I should have the results back soon.  I'm guessing that if they call me before my next appointment that something isn't normal and no news is good news.

This picture was taking while I was still in bed on the morning I turned 16 weeks.  I can't get over the huge bump that is there when I'm laying down!  Sorry for showing my undies.  =)


Sciatic nerve pain

Orange Juice


Total Weight Gain:
2 pounds.

This weeks vlog:

Thanks for reading and checking in on my week!


Thursday, April 11, 2013

Yankee Candle Tart Giveaway

I wanted to give you all an opportunity to try out some of my favorite wax melts from Yankee Candle.  These are perfect for summer and will have your house smelling AMAZING! Good luck!! 

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Yankee Candle Tarts are currently on sale for 1$ this weekend through April 14, 2013!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Pregnancy Week 15: Symptoms and Cravings

Hey everyone! Wow! I can't believe that I am already done with my 15th week of pregnancy! This has just been going by so quickly.

My oldest was on Spring Break this week.  I so enjoyed having him home.  We didn't get to travel because my husband couldn't take off work, but we still had loads of fun.  Dax is really into Pirate stuff right now, so I took him to Michael's and we found a wooden Pirate ship that he could paint himself!

My, not so little anymore, Declan was trying to rock a Faux-hawk to match his brother!

Nana sent Dax and Declan Thing 1 and Thing 2 shirts and dolls from her trip to Universal Studios.  Someone was really happy about his new shirt!

Now on to the pregnancy stuff.  =)

Lower back pain
Sciatic nerve pain
Sore boobies
My boobies are up a full cup size in 2 weeks.

Orange Juice
I have been wanting to eat Jalapeno poppers like crazy!


Total weight gain:
1 pound

You can check out my week 15 video vlog here!

Thank you so much for reading!! I hope you have a great day!!


Thursday, April 4, 2013

Pregnancy Weeks 13 & 14: Symptoms, Cravings, and PUNTA CANA

These past two weeks seem to have gone by so quickly.  That probably has something to do with the fact that I have been pretty much pregnancy symptom free and I went on an incredible vacation.  =)

For those that don't know, my husband and I went to Punta Cana, DR to celebrate our 5 year anniversary.  We had an amazing time and I felt amazing the entire time.  I slept through the night for 5 nights in a row!! That was definitely one of the best parts of the trip.  It was really nice to be alone with my husband, considering it was the first time in 5 years we've been anywhere with out our children.

The beach in Punta Cana was absolutely beautiful and oh so relaxing!

My husband and I on our first night there.  I, of course, rocked SPF the whole time.  =)

Beach selfie to prove I went on the trip.  My hubby wasn't very good about taking pics.  He was too busy having a blast! =)

Last night there, my blow dryer went out and my hair was looking a hot mess!


Sore Boobies that are growing!
Vivid Dreams
Melasma is starting to show. =( Hyper-pigmentation on my forehead and above my lip. 
Sciatic pain
My stomach is getting splotchy on my left side.  

(Same symptoms for both weeks)


Citrus Fruits
Orange Juice


Total weight gain:
1 pound

Check out my 13 week pregnancy vlog here:  http://youtu.be/c-w_INvn88M

Check out my 14 week pregnancy vlog here:   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gyKTqrN0BNc

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