Thursday, February 21, 2013

Say What??

We had finally decided to put off having any more kids so that I could finish school.  Being back in school full time and working on my goals has had me all excited for the last few weeks.  We've been making plans for our future with our two boys, 4 years and 8 months.

This wasn't a decision that we made lightly.  I wanted to have another baby before I was older but it was also really important for me to finish school.  After a few weeks of being back and forth on the topic we made our decision and I made the appointment to have an IUD put in.

So yesterday at my appointment, they tell me I will need an annual and that I have to be counseled prior to receiving the IUD.  Really, they couldn't have told me this before the appointment?!  I had already been waiting 4 weeks to get in.  I had to use the restroom and by chance the doctor walked by and said leave a urine sample just in case.

A few minutes later, here she comes with interesting news as she called it.  "You're Pregnant."  Say what? I've had no symptoms, other than being a bit nauseas but I thought it was because of a new medication I was taking that could cause that as a side effect.  We were very "careful" last month because we knew I was getting the IUD in a few weeks.

I'm in shock! It took us over two years of actively trying with doctor intervention to conceive my 8 month old.  I had been diagnosed with secondary infertility and told that I had a "hostile" uterus.  I never thought in a million years I would get pregnant when I wasn't trying to.

My youngest two will be 15 months apart.  Again, I'm shock!

We had a viability ultrasound at 7 weeks and our little nugget's heart was beating strong.  I go back to the doctor at 10 weeks for another ultrasound and I'm extremely anxious waiting for this appointment to come!

I'm excited to be able to share this journey.  The series will start after my 10 week appointment!

Babies are blessings from God!!