Thursday, March 14, 2013

Pregnancy Week 11: Recap, Symptoms, and Cravings

Week 11

Our baby is as big as a plum this week!! I still find it hard to believe that something that small can make me so sick.  =)

This week was the best week I have had so far!! Friday night, when I was exactly 11 weeks, I felt little flutters in my tummy! It was the exact same feeling that I felt when my second son during my 11 week ultrasound with him.  I was unsure what I was feeling until the ultrasound tech asked if I could feel him moving.  I couldn't believe I was already feeling this little nugget flutter.  Baby flutters and feeling the baby move is by far my favorite part of being pregnant.

I have been exhausted this week.  I have been needing to take a nap everyday and still by 5pm I'm falling asleep again.  This is a typical symptom of pregnancy, but it has just usually happened to me earlier on and would be going away by now.

At 11 weeks and 1 day, I had some more round ligament stretching pains.  These were more intense then the ones I have had previously.  When I woke up the following morning, I could feel a noticeable bump on my lower tummy.

I went to the doctor this week to have my iron levels rechecked and I was down 3 pounds.  I'm convinced their scale is broken.  I think there is a better chance that I haven't gained any weight yet at all.  There is a different scale in every room at my doctor so it isn't consistent.  I'm keeping track of my weight at home now and I'm still 122 like I was prior to my first appointment.  I,unfortunately, was still working off a few extra baby pounds when I got pregnant.  

I have still been sick on and off, and some days are just better than others.  For the most part I have felt good everyday with the exception of the morning time.  

This belly shot was taken at exactly 11 weeks.  Despite the weight I'm still carrying around from my last pregnancy, you can already see my tummy popping out!


Slight nausea
Head ache
Extreme exhaustion
Round ligament pains
Meat is leaving a metalic taste in my mouth. 
Very thirsty.  

Fruit (this seems to be a repetitive one)

Chicken, unless it's on a Chick Fil A biscuit.

Thank you all for reading!