Friday, March 15, 2013

Pregnancy Week 12: Recap, Symptoms, and Cravings

Week 12

Hey everyone! Week 12 was a great week! Getting to week 12 is always a huge accomplishment for my during pregnancy so to pass the 12 week mark was amazing.  

This week was almost identical to last week.  I've still been really tired this week but it hasn't been at all as bad as last week.  I've still had a pretty bad headache but it comes and goes.  I've been taking 1 Tylenol with 1 Benadryl and that has really been helping to knock out my headache at night so I can get some rest.

In just the last few days, my morning sickness has kicked back up again.  It's in the mornings right after I wake up.  I'm not vomitting only dry heaving.  But once it's done, I feel fine.  

Daylights savings time messed me up and I wasn't able to fall asleep on Sunday or Monday at a normal time.  That wouldn't have been so bad, but my 9 month old is teething and he was up every 2 hours on Monday and Tuesday night.  So, needless to say, I have been taking every opportunity to take a nap.  If he is napping, I'm napping.  That has definitely helped.  

I had more round ligament pains this week.  That is totally normal for this point in my pregnancy.  Incase you're wondering, round ligament pains basically feel like a stretching or pulling in your abdomen. It what you feel as your uterus grows.  It's not painful but can be irritating if it persists for a long period of time.

We had some beautiful photos taken this week of our family to announce the pregnancy.  My sister is an amazing photographer and did an incredible job capturing our family.

If you are in the Hampton Roads area you should totally check her out!
Erin Daniel Photography:

Nausea is back
Morning sickness
 Round ligament pain
Constipation  LOL It had to be said.  

I'm dying for a Golden Pineapple but our stores don't have them.
Baked Zucchini with tomatoes


One last thing for the week, I normally have a sweet tooth all the time.  I baked brownies the other night and after taking one bite I was done.  They weren't appealing to me at all.  Very strange, but most things in pregnancy are. =)

Thanks for reading.