Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Baby High??

My son will be 2 weeks old tomorrow.  =) It has been so amazing watching my 3 and a half year old interact with his baby brother.  I'm so glad that they will have each other to grow up with.  That was always something that I wanted for my son and that I feared would never happen during our trials with secondary infertility.

Despite the exhaustion, the messy house, and the piles of laundry, when I look at my sons together I think "Man, we could totally have another one".  Is this a "baby high" talking or do I really see myself as a mother of 3? I never saw myself with more than 2 before now.  Obviously, I am not trying to get pregnant any time soon and we will be taking preventative measures, but is already thinking about another baby normal?

I think I just have a "baby high"! What do you think?