Thursday, May 31, 2012

Almost 38 Weeks

He's Almost Here!

The time has come.  This pregnancy is coming to an end and my second little man could be here any time now.  We are all so incredibly excited and can not wait to have our new edition in the house.  My 3 year old is so ready for his baby brother to be here!

I have actually become more anxious this time around.  I can not remember being nervous or anxious when I was pregnant with my first son at all.  Granted my water broke at 38 weeks, and as a first time mom, I naively thought nothing was going to happen until I was at my due date.  I am not sure I even gave myself time to be nervous, because I was in labor before I really thought about it.

This time around is different.  I do not have to pretend to be a super woman.  I want the juice! I fully plan on getting an epidural as soon as they will give it to me.  I am actually worried that I will not get there in time or something will cause me not to be able to get one.  My husband is very encouraging and believes I am strong enough to this no matter what.  I suppose the reality of the situation, is that I will have to do it no matter what. 

My sister seems to think this newly developed fear is derived from me watching her give birth less than a year ago pain medicine free.  Due to spinal issues, she could not receive an epidural.  There may be some truth in that, despite how beautiful the experience was. 

Regardless of my nerves and current fears, I am so excited to welcome my new precious angel into this world.  I can not wait to lay on the couch with my 3 favorite guys and just enjoy being together.  My husband should be deploying soon, so we will not be taking any time for granted. 

I look forward to blogging and possibly starting a vlog on my adventure of loosing my baby weight and getting back into shape!

Thanks for reading!