Monday, August 6, 2012

Already Ready for Christmas

My 3 year old is definitely a boy after my own heart.  My most favorite time of the year is Christmas and the months leading up to it.  Once my birthday comes in September, I am ready to start getting ready to celebrate the holidays. My son is the same way.   

Since we have been trapped in the house most of the month due to the insane heat, we've spend most of our time playing board games, doing puzzles, and watching movies.  These are the movies my adorable Christmas loving son picked out.

This past month was the first time he ever started talking about Christmas on his own.  He has been asking to watch these movies, bake Christmas cookies, and put our tree up.  For me this is exciting, because when I'm home alone I secretly listen to Christmas music during the year.  It may make me weird but it makes me happy. 

Now that August is here, we are another month closer to the holiday season!