Friday, July 12, 2013

Woombie Air and Mox Mittens Review and Giveaway

The Woombie Air is one of the coolest swaddles I've ever seen.  It was designed by a nurse with both safety and comfort in mind. It's perfect for all seasons and allows for proper ventilation.  So no matter what season your baby is born in, the Woombie Air will come in handy.   Heat can easily escape allowing for your baby's body temperature to be properly regulated.  The Woombie Air Swaddle is easy to use and safer than swaddling with a traditional blanket.  

I have always swaddled my babies and I truly believe that it has helped keep them calm and relaxed after coming into this crazy world.  The Woombie Air Swaddle is just going to make my job that much easier.  I plan on using this little gem from my moment my little man is home from the hospital.  

Mox Mittens retail for $14.  They are available in several colors and sizes that range from newborn to 36 months.  These are definitely going to come in handy once my little one makes his arrival.  Clipping their little fingers nails can sometimes just make them sharp.  These Mox Mittens are a great way to keep your baby from scratching himself.  I love that they are long which will make it more difficult for your little one to wiggle them off like a traditional mitten.  

Now for your chance to win a Woombie Air and a set of Mox Mittens!!!

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*Mox Mittens and Woombie Air provided for purposes of this review.  My opinions are, as always, my own.