Thursday, June 6, 2013

Zoe B Orgnanic The Anti-Plastic Dishes

zoe b organic the anti-plastic dishes.  

zoe b organic was created by Valerie Lecoeur, a "green" mom.  With our children's future in mind, she set out to create products that were better for our planet.  
"Now you can serve grilled cheese and the planet at the same time" zoe b organic

Immediately these dishes appealed to my eyes.  I absolutely loved the way that they look.  I am naturally drawn to anything modern and I love the shape and bright color of each piece in the set.  

These very hip dishes are not your typical children's dishes.  These are not made of plastic.  They are uniquely made of corn and they don't contain any BPA or phthalates.  This is sure to make any mom happy.  In a day where we are looking for bottles and pacifiers to be BPA free, shouldn't we also be looking at the cups, bowls, and plates that our children drink out of and eat off of.  

My son LOVES this set of unique dish ware.  If these are clean, he wants to use them.  I appreciate that they are safe for the dishwasher.  

If you're interested in purchasing this set for your child or for an eco friendly baby gift you can do so by clicking here.  I highly recommend this mom started company.  I definitely will be needing more as my youngest is now eating table food and with the popularity of this set in my house I think I will be ordering the plate, cup, and bowl set of 3.  

I hope you all enjoyed this review. 

Thank you for reading!