Thursday, May 9, 2013

Pregnancy Week 19: Symptoms and Cravings

This week went by so quickly.  I knew it would since my anatomy ultrasound was on my first day of week 20.   I'm so looking forward to sharing more on that with you all.  I still do not know the gender yet because I wanted to find out with my son.  We were supposed to have a cake made and the baker canceled on us due to a personal issue.  Not quite sure what we will do now.  =(

I've continued to have a headache and backache this week.  My sciatic nerve pain has also continued and it's starting to interfere with my daily activities.  I've also noticed that I've had an increased need to pee.  =)  I'm now getting up at night to use the bathroom, whether Declan wakes me up or not.  

My "morning sickness" is back!!! It has hit me everyday this week at 3 pm.  So, I'm back on the preggie pops! 

I have started to retain water this week at different times of the day and depending on what types of foods I've eaten.  Obviously, foods and meals that are higher in sodium cause me to retain more water.  

HOLY HEARTBURN!! I can not live without Zantac 150 and Tums Smoothies! They are my new best friend and I have to take them every night before bed if I don't want to wake up in heartburn pain.  

I have started to really show this week! This makes me excited that my belly is really popping out! I'm excited to wear more of my cute maternity clothes! Be on the look out for an upcoming maternity outfit of the day!


braxton hicks contractions
nauseas every day at 3 pm
increased urnination
water retention


I've fluxuated between 125 and 127 all week long.

Anything crunchy
LOVING the smell of wood and Snuggle fabric softener!

Here is my pregnancy vlog for week 19.

Thank you all so much for watching and reading and checking in this week!

Love you all!!