Monday, April 15, 2013

Pregnancy Week 16: My Week, Cravings, and Symptoms

Hey everyone! It's time to recap week 16 of my 3rd pregnancy.  =) Still having a hard time believing that I'm almost half way through.

This week I had my 16 week doctor appointment.  It was so nice to hear my little gummy bear's heart beat again, which was 140.  I was told at this weeks appointment that I was moved to a medium risk level due to my group b strep not clearing up.  Basically, they said that Group B Strep can cause your membranes to rupture early, thus causing preterm labor.  I am currently on a round of antibiotics to hopefully lower the levels enough to move me back to a low risk or normal pregnancy.

My due date was moved from September 20 back to the original due date of September 18.  The doctor said the date should never have been changed from the original because it didn't differ by 8%.  The baby will come when he/she is ready so it really didn't make a difference to me which date they used.

I also had the 16 week quad screening this week. They took one vile of blood and I should have the results back soon.  I'm guessing that if they call me before my next appointment that something isn't normal and no news is good news.

This picture was taking while I was still in bed on the morning I turned 16 weeks.  I can't get over the huge bump that is there when I'm laying down!  Sorry for showing my undies.  =)


Sciatic nerve pain

Orange Juice


Total Weight Gain:
2 pounds.

This weeks vlog:

Thanks for reading and checking in on my week!