Monday, April 29, 2013

Pregnancy: Week 18 Symptoms and Super Strange Cravings

Hey everyone! It's week 18 of my pregnancy already!  I'm offically really pregnant! I am starting to notice more changes with my body and I'm really feeling pregnant these days.

This week was pretty uneventful so I don't have much to talk about when it comes to my weekly activities.  The week flew by, as they all have been lately, and it was over before I realized it.  I had actually lost track of the days and didn't even realize I was 19 weeks until one of my pregnancy apps told me.  

My heart burn has been getting bad this week.  I'm starting to think my baby grew a full head of hair this week, due to the old wives tale that heart burn is caused by a baby with hair.  Zantac 150 and  Tums Smoothies have become my new best friends this week.  They both seem to be helping but the Zantac is all that will work for me at night.  The heartburn gets 10 times worse when I lay down.  At this point, I have stopped eating or drinking anything 2 hours before I lay down for bed.  I do still drink water throughout the night but thankfully the water isn't giving me heartburn, at least not yet.  

As for my symptoms, I'm having some strange ones.  My right foot will get a hot sensation from time to time and it goes up my calf.  This has happened to me in my other pregnancies as well.  It made me worry when I first experienced it during my first pregnancy but I'm used to it now.  It just feels like I've stepped into a hot bucket of water.  It's not painful, just warm.  My back is still aching and the pain has continued to move down my left leg.  I've felt it this week as far down as just above the back of my left knee.  I'm still currently using my heating pain and taking tylenol to help ease the back pain.

I have continued to be out of breath this week.  It's not something that happens all the time, but typically when I'm talking and doing something else at the same time I seem to get out of breath fast.  My nose has been super itchy and driving me crazy this week.  And my strangest symptom of the week is LOVING the smell of Home Depot and Lowes.  My mother craved the smell of leather when she was pregnant with my brother.  When I was pregnant with Dax, I craved the smell of the cardboard FedEx envelopes.  So this was not a surprise to me, as I quite enjoyed this smell during my last pregnancy as well.  But, it doesn't take away from how weird it is.  

My symptoms this week:

hot foot right side
heart burn taking zantac and tums smoothies
back ache
I really like the smell of home depot and lowes.  LOL
itchy nose
out of breath


orange juice

Weight: 125
Total weight gain: 3 pounds

Check out my 18 week pregnancy vlog:

Thank you guys so much for reading and checking in with my pregnancy this week.